COVID-19 Vaccine Passports: How They Work And Where to Get One

Key Takeaways
  • In an effort to curb the spread of Omicron and prevent new variants from emerging, restricting access to vaccinated individuals helps to provide one layer of protection and peace-of-mind for many experiencing a resurgence of pandemic anxiety.

What are vaccine passports, and how do they work?

“Vaccine passports” are documents that prove you have either been vaccinated against or tested negative for COVID-19. They can be digital, like a phone app, or physical, such as a small paper card. You can carry it with you and show it if necessary – like before you go into the office, board an airplane, or visit a restaurant, movie theater, or gym. Rules may vary depending on where you live, but this passport is great to have on hand since many private venues, workplaces, and governments require proof of vaccination in public settings.[1]

The “passport” concept is not new. At the turn of the 20th century, when the United States was grappling with the smallpox epidemic, there was a nationwide push for vaccination. U.S. border patrol officials required travelers to show one of three things: “A vaccination certificate, a properly scarred arm, or a pitted face”, which indicated that they had survived smallpox. [2]

Today, travel immunizations and vaccine passports are still important when traveling across borders. Countries around the world require travelers (departing or arriving) to be vaccinated against certain infectious diseases in order to prevent epidemics. In addition to smallpox, international travelers typically need to show vaccination records for polio, yellow fever, meningitis, and now COVID-19.

Schools and child care centers throughout the U.S. have also required proof of vaccination prior to enrollment.[3] Requiring students to be vaccinated against infectious diseases like polio, measles, and hepatitis B, has helped curb the spread of these viruses for generations.

How to Create a Digital Vaccine Passport With Vault and Clear Traveling soon?

Once you’ve received the full dosage of your COVID-19 vaccination, you’ll have the ability to link your Vault account to CLEAR in order to securely and easily create a digital vaccine card. It’s simple, voluntary, and takes just minutes.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Download the CLEAR app and tap on the digital vaccine card tile.
  2. Enroll for free by uploading a government-issued ID and snapping a quick selfie to confirm your identity.
  3. Search for Vault from the list of providers and link your account by logging into your Vault patient portal through the CLEAR app.
  4. Once linked you can create a secure, protected digital vaccine card!

You’ll be able to use your digital vaccine card wherever and whenever you choose. And once you safely link your Vault account, you’ll also be able to create passes for concerts, sports games, bars, and other destinations that require you to have one. You can also add past test result info too.


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