• How and Why Vault Expanded Its Business Model to Support Clinical Trials and Research

    At Vault Health, we started with a simple mission: To accelerate better health outcomes for people when and where they need it. Since then, we’ve leveraged our digital platform, clinical practice, and medical expertise to distribute innovative and efficient healthcare solutions broadly and at scale. Structure, convenience, and capabilities have played a pivotal role in […]

  • The Future of Clinical Trials: 5 Predictions From Industry Leaders

    Clinical trials are at the heart of all medical advances that improve quality of life for patients across the globe. Researchers rely on these trials and the participation of volunteers to develop new ways to prevent, detect, or treat disease. Even when results deviate from predicted outcomes, information gained from clinical trials can help guide […]

  • How Real World Data and Real World Evidence Can Improve Health Outcomes

    Achieving quality health outcomes is the fundamental purpose and priority of patient care. As the healthcare industry becomes increasingly focused on these outcomes, stakeholders are looking for more ways to bring added value to all parties within the system – patients, payers, providers, and suppliers.[1] Bringing new therapies, which offer the promise of better health, […]

  • How Vault Powers DCTs That Promote Efficiency and Diversity

    Clinical trials are one of — if not the — best tools for identifying effective treatments for patients with various illnesses, diseases, or chronic conditions. But like with most tools, there really is no “one-size-fits-all” solution, especially when it comes to participation and retention in decentralized trials (DCTs). To continue moving clinical research forward, it’s […]

  • How Vault Helped Run a Convenient and Successful COVID-19 Immunity Clinical Trial

    Since our inception, Vault has connected patients nationwide with cutting-edge treatments and virtual visits with experienced and dedicated practitioners. After the pandemic hit, we expanded our services to offer at-home and in-person COVID testing and to help states administer life-saving COVID vaccinations. During this difficult and uncertain time, we’re proud to have leveraged our technology […]